When to do Snaptesting

Greater influence

When others have opinions, you have Snaptest results:  quick quantitative AND qualitative data to influence the project forward.

Fast insights with little resources

When you have little resources and want fast insights.  You Snaptest with a limited budget and time window to assess an opportunity before making a go/no-go decision to move forward.

Reality check on an idea

When there's a new idea, but you don't know if it's worth more of your time.  You Snaptest and get a dose of reality with four hours of work or less. 

Fast quantitative AND qualitative data

When you need fast quantitative and qualitative data to move your behavior project forward.  You don't want surveys of what people say they would do.  You Snaptest to get actual data on what people do or don't do

Explore other possibilities quickly

When you're locked into one solve (solution idea) early on and now the project is stuck.  You Snaptest to explore other possible behavior solutions for your objective.

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