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Snaptesting in 5 minutes. (Gratitude Behavior Part 1)

The specific behavior that we're Snaptesting is:

Facebook friends comment on a post with a picture of something that they could appreciate in that moment.

So we posted this on our Facebook status:

Can you reply w/ a pic of something that you can appreciate now? (studying #gratitude #snaptest)

To run your Snaptest, copy the text above and paste it into your status.

Do this now to do Snaptesting in 5 minutes.


Let's meet back on Zoom.


1. Specific Behavior:

Facebook friends reply to a post

with a picture of something that they appreciate

2. Test with Ten people.


3. What does *success* look like?

In this case, we wanted to see if anyone would do the behavior.

4. Design + Launch Snaptest in four hours of work (or less)

5 minutes.


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